Automatic Labeling Systems


Busch Machinery manufactures a wide variety of automatic labeling systems to meet your labeling needs. The heart of any automatic labeling machine is its control system. Busch has developed the most sophisticated controls on the market today with a dizzying array of options that are incorporated with all of our labeling systems.  Additionally the controls are adaptable for special applications that you may have.
Whether you need top, bottom, front, back, wrap, neck or any combination of these, we can provide an automatic labeling system to suit your needs.  On this page you will find many types of standard automatic labeling equipment, but don't be afraid to call us about any special needs you may have, as the odds are, we can incorporate them into the labeling system you need.

:Video overview of our Automatic Labeling Systems



Label Applicators


Automatic Labeling Systems - Label Applicator


These are labeling heads sold as heads only or, as we refer to them, "heads on a post" that are available in several sizes and speed capabilities. You can select numerous options including wipe down, tamp, tamp-blow or blow-on.

For more information, check out our Industrial Label Applicators.



Top-Bottom Labeling Systems


Automatic Labeling System - Top and Bottom Labeler


These versatile automatic labeling systems can label many kinds of products including clam-shells, books or magazines, bakery goods, meat & dairy products, and bottle caps and jars.  Top only labelers feature a high tack rubber belt, while bottom labelers and top/bottom labelers feature the same high tack in-feed belt plus hugger belts to carry the bottle across the bottom labeling head.  This allows better wipe down on products with recesses and smaller products to be labeled.


Top and/or Bottom Labeling Systems Links:

Top Only - Bottom Only - Top and Bottom



Wrap Labelers


Automatic Labeling Systems - Wrap around labelers


Wrap around equipment labeling systems are for round products only.  Wraps for rectangular or oval products are applied with front and/or back labeling systems (See Front & Back Below). In this category we offer numerous choices including semi-automatic wrap labelers, vertical wrap labeling systems and horizontal machines. Horizontal wrap labelers are used when products are unstable such as very tall with small diameters. Wraps can be full wraps or partial wraps. With 3 roll wrap or extended vacuum belts we can also do front and back labeling of round bottles. Speeds range from 10 bottles/minute to 260 bottles/minute.

Vertical Automatic Labeling Systems - Horizontal Labelers



Front-Back Automatic Labeling Systems


Automatic Labeling System - Front & Back Labeler


Front and Back Labelers not only apply labels to one or two sides of bottles or other products, but with added options can apply 2 panel, 3 panel, and 4 panel wraps to oval and rectangular products. Speeds can range from 40 bottles/minute to over 200 bottles/minute depending on product shape, number of panels, and accuracy requirements. We offer labeling heads that can dispense at rates ranging from 90 feet/minute up to 300 feet/minute.


Front-Back Automatic Labeling Systems



Front-Back-Wrap Labeling Machinery


Automatic Labeling Systems - Front-Back-Wrap Labeler


 Front-Back-Wrap Labelers combine two functions on one machine.  Capable of Labeling just like the Front-Back Labelers above, these machines are easily convertible to Round Product Wrap Labeling in less than 5 minutes. Great for contract packagers and those who need multiple labeling capabilities.


 Front-Back-Wrap Labeling Systems




Custom Labeling Machines


Automatic Labeling Systems - Custom Starwheel Labeler

Custom Starwheel System Wrap Label plus Top Label


 Don't see exactly what you need?  Just ask!  If you need special product handling, neck label top label, or anything else, we have the experience to customize a standard labeler or build a whole custom machine. Not only can we do custom jobs, we are capable of meeting tight delivery schedules. In addition to standard wipe down applications we can apply labels by tamp, tamp blow, and blow-on.

Custom Labeling Systems





Print Apply Labeling Machines


Automatic Labeling System - Loose Loop Print and Apply


 If you need to print barcodes or other variable data onto your labels we can incorporate a loose loop system into a labeling head or, if you need direct Print-Apply Applications, we can apply directly from the print engine to your product.  Examples might be applying labels to boxes (lay flat or erected), bottles, or to pallets.

Print Apply Labeling Machines




Full Body Sleeve Applicator


Automatic Labeling Systems - Full Body Sleeve Labeler


 Many of our customers need to label their products with a shrink sleeve.  We offer machines that are capable up to 125 bottles/minute

 Full Body Sleeve Applicator



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