Beverage Packaging Equipment

Bevarage packaging is a huge industry accounting for billions of dollars in sales per year around the world. Products range from basic water bottling lines, hot fill products like juices and teas, to carbonated beverages like sodas and beers.

Picture showing the array of beverage packaging

Types of Beverage Packaging

Naturally our first thought when we think of beverage packaging is of glass or plastic bottles with a cap, but more and more we are starting to see alternative flexible packaging such as aseptic packaging in cartons or gusseted bags or bag in a box systems.

The beverage packaging equipment business continues to evolve as new packaging methods are being introduced to allow beverage products to be more environmentally friendly with lighter packaging and longer shelf life.  Busch Machinery carries a full line of beverage packaging equipment and bottling machines to meet the challenge of your packaging needs.  If you can't find what you are looking for, please give us a call today!  Our experts stand by ready to help.

Typical Beverage Packaging Machinery

Many beverage packaging lines start with a bloHigh Speed Blow Molding Machinew molder for forming the bottle right on line. Blow molders accept what are known as preforms, which is basically and injection molded part that looks like a collapsed bottle.  The idea behind it is that fully formed bottles take up a lot of space and shipping costs can get prohibitive especially when producing large quantities.  Some plants even have their own injection molders to save even more costs (not offered at Busch).


From the bloRinser Filler Capper Machinew molder the bottles feed into a bulk bottle unscrambler to a rinser-filler-capper monoblock system to clean, fill, and cap the bottles.  Once filled and capped all that remains is to dry the product, put a label on it (full body shrink sleeve or a label), date code it and complete the end-of-line packaging.

End of Line Beverage Packaging

With our primary beverage packaging done, the next step is to prepare the product for shipment. End of line packaging consists of putting the bottles into a case, which can be done by hand on lower production lines, or automatically which includes a case erector, case packer and case sealer. Nowadays we alternatively use sleeve wrappers, with or without tray formers and tray packers, to bundle the bottles. After that the bundles or cases can be automatically palletized and then stretch wrapped.

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