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Wrap-around labeling machines are built for labeling round products with either a partial wrap or full wrap. CVC offers a number of different configurations for a wrap labelers. Wrap labelers range in size capability from vials to gallon sized machines, both horizontal and vertical.

All CVC Labelers feature Self-Set fully integrated digital controls for ease of setup and maintained accuracy throughout the production run.

Our experts can help you select the right wrap labeler for your application at the right price.

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Busch Wrap Labelers

CVC-300 Wrap Labeler

Busch LCW-50R Wrap Labeler
CVC-310 Wrap Labeler
Busch LCW Wrap Labeler
For Gallons
CVC-330 Vial Wrap Labeler
Busch KEA-01
Wrap Labelers for Vials
CVC-350 Horizontal Wrap Labeler
Busch UW-60
Horizontal Wrap Labeler
CVC-352 Servo Drive Wrap Labeler Pharmaceuticals
Busch UW-60-2 Servo-Drive
Horizontal Wrap Labeler Pharmaceutical Ready

Custom Labelers Available

We can build a custom labeler whether that be from scratch of by modifying
one of our standard automatic labelers.  We are here to serve you.
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