Chemical Packaging Machines and Equipment

Chemical Packaging encompasses virtually everything we make or consume whether it be iron ore used to build cars, fuel for our cars, household cleansers, or the food we eat. Other than purely bulk commodities, almost everything else gets packaging at some step along the way.

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Types of Chemical Packaging

There is a wide variety of chemical packaging machines for the various types of packages, not only for consumer use, but for industrial use as well, including hazardous chemicals.  At Busch Machinery you can find the whole array of chemical packaging equipment to suit your specific needs, whether that be an individual machine or a complete automated packaging line.

Machines for Chemical Packaging in a Bottle

The most common form of chemical packaging is in a glass or plastic bottle. The filling system utilized depends of whether the product is in liquid form or powdered.  For light liquids to moderate viscosity we typically use pressure fillers. For heavy viscosities the choice would probably be a piston filler or gear pump filler.  Finally for powder filling there are three types of machines that depend on the flow characteristics of the powder: net weight, auger or cup.

Chemical Packaging Machine for Bags or Pouches

Many chemicals are packaged in bags or pouches for both liquids and powders. Busch Machinery carries a full array of vertical form fill and seal machines for this purpose.

Tube Filling and Sealing

Another popular method for chemicals packaging is in tubes. We offer several models of tube filling and sealing machines for this purpose.

Can Filling Lines for Chemicals

Paints, caulks, sealants, and many other products are packaged in cans with press-on lids. In other instances the can may be F-style or capped cans which are handled pretty much like typical bottle packaging. A third type (which we do not handle) is aerosol cans.

Hazardous Chemical Packaging Equipment

Hazardous Chemical Packaging Equipment

Many chemical packaging operations involve hazardous chemicals that need special protections such as Explosion proof wiring, or complete isolation from dangerous fumes and the chemicals themselves. Busch Machinery can help you put together a complete chemical packaging equipment system for your special needs.  Customization of chemical packaging machines for these kinds of issues is something we excel at.  Please give us a call to discuss your project.

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