Color Label Printers

It is now possible to print your own brilliantly colorful labels at costs lower than through an outsourced printer for quantities under about 15,000 labels.  Now you can print only the labels you need most immediately without the need to store thousands of labels. 

Our Primera color label printers can do all this while offering a scratch and water resistant finish.  With an optional winder you can now print labels and then transfer them to your labeling machine and have very little waste.

Available in two models, the Primera LX-400 and LX-810 both deliver quality at the level you want.  The only difference between the two models is the label width capacity.


Color Label Printers


The LX-400 prints labels up to 4 1/4" wide to virtually any length

The LX-810 is a wider carriage printer capable of widths to 8 1/2"

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