Cosmetic Packaging Machinery and Equipment

Bulk cosmetic packaging needs are more varied than any other type of packaging equipment category. From jars to makeup kits, sachet packages to bottles, nail polish to creams, hot fills, cold fills and anything in between, the cosmetics industry runs the full gamut, while requiring high quality packaging, because the final look is as important as the product within.

Cosmetic Filling and Fitment Placer

Cosmetic Filling Lines and Machines

Busch machinery offers all the options whether that be for a single machine to add to your line, or a complete automated line including inline, rotary and monoblock systems. For filling we have powder fillers, liquid fillers, tube filling, sachet pouch form and fill, and most any other combination that you may need.  If you cannot find the specific cosmetic packaging machine you are looking for, please give our sales engineers a call at 800-840-9573.  We stand by to help.

Types of Cosmetic Packaging Equipment

Piston Fillers - Piston fillers are the most common type of Piston Fillerfiller used in cosmetics packaging.  There are two types: check valve style that fill products ranging from light liquids to gel consistency and rotary valve for thick products or those that contain particles ranging from gels to thick pastes.

Inline Pressure Filler - Inline pressure fillers are Pressure Fillera great means of filling bottles at consistent levels with products ranging from liquid to lotion. Pressure filling machines can be ordered for semi-automatic or automatic operation with up to 20 heads on smaller bottle sizes.

Tube FillerTube Filling Machines - A lot of cosmetic packaging is done in squeeze tubes and that must be done with tube filling equipment.  Tube Fillers are a combination of a Piston Filler (in most cases, but can also be powders) and a special machine that can feed the tube, fill and sSachet Machineeal it, emboss a code and trim the edge.

Sachet Pouches - Sachet pouches are formed and filled from a single web that can be folded, filled and sealed on three or four sides of the pouch with powders or liquids

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