EC-812 Semi Automatic Case Erector

This handy semi-automatic case erector holds boxes in place while you pack them. Then it pushes them right into your top and bottom case sealer.  Much easier than pre-erecting and taping the bottom of the box beforehand.

Carton Handling Specifications:
            Length:            6" - 22"
            Width:             5" - 20"
            Height:            4" - 20"
            120 VAC,  1 amps
            Air: 0.8 c.f.m. @ 60 p.s.i.

Call: 800-840-9573

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EC-812 Semi Automatic Case Erector

EC-812 Semi-Automatic Case Erector

  EC-812 Semi Automatic Case Erector Video

Case Erectors are also known as Carton Erector, Case Former, Box Erector and Box Former. All of these terms apply to Case Erector