BU-7000 Bulk Bottle UnscramblerFeeding and Accumulating Systems

Bottle feeding systems are the method by which bottles are put onto the line whether that be by a large depalletizer, a bulk bottle unscrambler machine, or even something as simple as a rotary feed table.  All accomplish the goal of getting bottles onto the packaging line so that they can be filled, capped, labeled, etc. until we get to the stage where they need to be accumulated for end of line packaging. For most companies this means a rotary accumulating table, where product is cased for shipment. For larger production environments it means moving into other machinery as outlined on our end of line packaging page. The best method for feeding bulk bottles onto a packaging line is with what is known as a bulk bottle unscrambler machine like the one to the right. A bulk bottle unscrambler sorts the random bottles out and stands them upright onto the conveyor. (Plastic or metal Bottles Only!)

                                                                                                              BU-7000 Bulk Bottle Unscrambler 

BU-7000 Bulk Bottle Unscrambler

Construction Features:
· Heavy duty stainless steel welded frame built with 2 x 2 x 0.187 square tubes.
· Adjustable positioning on most systems to minimize change parts requirements.
Minimum use of aluminum to increase machine life.
· 48 in diameter prefeeder will accommodate a wide range of containers, from oz to gallons. One inner disc is included.
· Air jet bottle reject system in prefeeder to minimize damage on wrongly positioned containers.
Hand wheel adjustable spacing belt to facilitate changeovers.
· Calibration markings, labels and indicators to help document changeovers.
· Bottle turning by pneumatic actuator to guarantee production speeds.
· Prefeeder built at an angle to minimize bottle damage.
· Single hand wheel adjustment for intake and delivery carrier belts, additional tweaking is also possible.
· Delivery carrier belts have additional adjustments to guarantee container placement on conveyor.
· Main belt system powered by ¾ Hp motor.
· Power transmission through automotive rated timing belts.
· Bottle handling from left to right.
· Cad designed CNC manufactured, thoroughly tested before leaving our facility.
· Silent low maintenance design.
· Low electric and pneumatic consumption.
· 30 cubic feet stainless steel hopper with 18 inch feed belt is standard.
· Hopper service door standard.
· Can work on existing or new conveyors.
· Front protection by 3 polycarbonate sliding doors.
· Leveling by mounting screws.

Guarantee: 18 months on all parts under normal use, except belts.

Control panel:
· Speed control on all motors installed on machine.
· Automatic bottle counter.
Easy access Start & Emergency stop.
· Safety disconnect switch installed on electric panel.
· Custom made electric panel incorporated into the design.

Electric and pneumatic requirements:
· 110 Volts, 60Hz, 15 Amps
· 15 CFM @ 80 p.s.i.


Video of BU-7000 on 10 oz. round bottles                          Video of BU-7000 on 16 oz round bottles





CVC-1267 Bulk Bottle UnscramblerCVC-1265 Bulk Bottle Unscrambler (designed for Pharmaceutical)


  • SS316 stainless steel for bottle contact parts.
  • Maximum speed is 200 bottles per minute.
  • Stainless steel frame and transparent shield for operator safety and isolation from dust.
  • Bottle orientating assembly is accurate, adjustable and user friendly.
  • Bottles are discharged upright and properly arranged onto existing conveyor.
  • PLC Controlled.
  • Variable speed motors.
  • 6" touch screen panel provide easy access to all settings.
  • SelfSet™ function for automatic bottle setup.
  • Automatic Speed Synchronization Setup: Operator simply places a bottle on the disc sorter, proper speed settings for bottle orientating and disc sorter are automatically determined according to the bottle size.
  • Memory capacity for 10 job settings: Speeds of disc sorter, product separator and orientating belt, as well as bottle height, are saved for reuse. All speeds are automatically synchronized after SelfSet™ is accomplished.
  • Locking casters as standard feature.
  • Full cGMP compliance.
  • Static eliminator in disc sorter.
  • Ionized air rinsing.
  • Vacuum dust collection.

Technical Data

Technical Specifications
Hopper capacity 24 cuft (679 lit.)
Bottle size range Diameter 30 - 120 mm or 45 - 125 mm
Bottle opening 25 - 85 mm or 30 - 110 mm
Bottle height 50 - 200 mm (min. body height: 45 mm)
Bottle height/dia ratio Min. 1.5 : 1
Power source 220V, 50/60 Hz, single phase with separate ground.
Power consumption 1.9 KW
Compressed air consumption 3.5 cfm
Machine dimensions L. 2874 x W. 1775 x H. 1955 mm

Video CVC-1265                                                CVC-1265 pdf



Bottle and Can Depalletizing Machine


Bottle depalletizer machines remove one tier at a time from palletized bottles or cans, then remove the separation sheets to allow the next tier to be stripped off the top.  Give us a call to learn more about the best system for your depalletizing needs.



Video of Depalletizer



Rotary Feed Table


Rotary Unscrambling Table


Rotary Unscrambling Tables sort round bottles to feed off the table in single file. Rotary feed tables are distinctive from rotary accumulating tables by the distinctive overhead tooling which helps accomplish the task of sorting. All rotary unscramblers have variable speed drives which comes in handy especially if fed bottles need to have separation.

Rotary Feed Table Options:

  • Dump Trays for bottles sent in reshipper cartons.
  • Tray Loaders for Pharmaceutical vials
  • Available in 24", 36", 42", 48" and 60"

Rotary Accumulation Tables


Rotary Accumulation Table


Rotary Accumulators are used to accumulate finished product at the end of the packaging line. Accumulators will work with most any shaped product. An accumulating table is used for packing cartons or trays and allows the operator to do other momentary tasks without interrupting the upstream production. All accumulators are available with variable speed drives and in 24" to 60" diameters.


Bottle Depalletizer

Depalletizing Machine

Feeds Cans, Glass, and Plastic Bottles


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