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Full Body Sleeve Applicator

Improvements in printing technology are making shrink sleeve equipment (shrink banding) a more viable option for many products, especially for any unusual shaped container. A full-body sleeve applicator works by opening, cutting and applying a tube stock material that lies flat on the roll. Obviously the cut point is determined by a registration mark on the printed tube.

The tube stock is made either of two ways: extruded or seamed.  Extruded stock has no overlap material, thus no seam. 

Full-Body Sleeve Applicators can also be used to apply neck bands, also known as shrink banding.

After application the material is shrunk onto the container by use of a heat tunnel or steam tunnel.  Steam tunnels are utilized for high speed lines or when the shrink parameters need to be precise.

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Full Body Sleeve Applicator


Full Body Sleeve Applicator
Marburg M-500 Full Body Sleeve Applicator
Up to 150 bottles per minute


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