Neck Banding Machine

Neck Banding Machines are known as shrink sleeving machines, shrink banders, tamper evident banders, neck banders, and, as some machines are capable of both, full body sleevers or shrink labels. No matter what the name, neck banders convert lay flat tube roll stock into a shrink band by opening and re-creasing the tube stock so that it opens easier. The tube stock is then drawn back flat 90 degrees to its original position through the drive rollers and then is cut in any of several ways.  Some neck banding machines cut after the film has been forced over the product by a V knife. Other shrink band applicators may cut while the stock is still flat while being held by vacuum cups, and our high speed machines use a group of circular cutters located outside the mandrel after the band has been fed onto the product. Circular cutters work so fast that speeds of over 250 bottles per minute are possible on a single head.

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Neck Banding Machines

M5 Shrink Sleeve Neck Banding Machine

M500 Shrink Sleever and Full Body Shrink Labeler
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