Economical Tablet Packaging Equipment

We offer a complete line of economical tablet packing machines for production speeds ranging from 20 - 90 bottles per minute.

Our pill packaging machines do not sacrifice counting accuracy even as great savings can be garnered compared to our higher end equipment.

Busch Machinery can help you layout your lines exactly to fit your production and space requirements. Our experts work closely with your team to make sure your order is delivered in a timely manner and meets your needs

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Economical Tablet Packaging Lines

Economical Tablet and Capsule Counting Lines

  Video of Economy Tablet Lines

Typical Components of Economy Tablet Packaging Lines

TC4 Benchtop Tablet Counter

Semi-automatic tablet counter for small or test runs

TC4 Semi-Automatic Tablet Counter

Shown with some upgrade options for higher semi-automatic production speeds

PS1 Desiccant Inserter

This is an automatic machine that inserts desiccant pouches into bottles that it cuts from roll stock

CS1 Cotton Inserter

This cottoner cuts and stuffs cotton into the bottles automatically

CS2 Cottoner

This cotton inserter is similar to the CS1, but with upgraded electronics and mechanisms for higher production speeds

CS10 Cotton Inserter

This dual head cottoner can run at speeds up to 180 bottles per minute

Induction Sealer
Neck Band Applicator & Shrink Tunnel
More End of Line Packaging Available Call: 800-840-9573