Pressure Filling Machine

Pressure Filling Machines are among the most popular of fillers due to the fast fill rate possible by pumping liquid right into the bottle. This saves both time and space since fewer heads are needed per any given rate of production. Furthermore liquid bottling equipment is cost friendly to startups so long as it is compatible with the products to be filled. Very foamy liquids that are slow to settle out the foam can be run, but the pump speeds must be slowed dramatically. Another drawback is any product that has suspended solids because they foul the seals or in the case of some abrasive hand cleaners eat them up. But overall a pressure filler is highly recommended for light to medium viscosity products up to the consistency of lighter hair shampoos.

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Pressure Filling Machines

Economical 6 Head Automatic Pressure Filler
for under $18,500

IME-2101A 6 Head Automatic Pressure Filling Machine