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Busch Machinery has a full line of Vertical Form-Fill and Seal machines, also known as VFFS, plus sachet forming machine, stick-pack machines, pillow-pack machines, stand-up pouch filling and sealing equipment, and band sealers for small production with preformed bags.

Most of us are aware of the typical vertical form fill and seal bags from our experience with snack foods. This type of bag is seen in potato chip packaging with a top and bottom seal and a long fin seal down the back side. We often refer to this kind of bag making and filling as a pillow pack. And aside from gusseted bag options, this pretty much defines what can be done with VFFS packaging machines insofar as larger bag sizes are concerned.

Types of Seals
Standard Seal for large bags is a Center or "Fin" Seal, but smaller bags up to 6"W x 8"L can be sealed as 3 or 4 sided pouches. Keep in mind that print copy can be made in any position so the "top" of the bag in the filling and sealing sense does not necessarily mean it is the top of the bag from the consumer's perspective.

However what is less known to many would be buyers is that vertical form-fill and seal machines can make 3 and 4 sided sealed pouches in bag sizes as large as 6 inch wide by 8 inch long, identical in appearance to what can be done on very expensive "Bartelt" type horizontal pouch making, filling and sealing machines for a lot less money.

Twin Pack with 4 side sealsFurthermore, not only is it possible to make 4 side sealed pouches, it is also possible to make twin packs, each with different ingredients.

Small machines for individual pouches to a maximum of 3 3/8" wide X 4 3/4" long are called Sachet machines and can also do any of the three types of seals.

And all of the VFFS packaging machines can be used to fill liquids, pastes, granules, powders, tablets, snack foods, small parts, and much more.

Stick Packer Examples
Stick Packs are generally long narrow packages that can be made 1 - 10 at a time from a single web

Another type of Vertical Form Fill and Seal machinery is what is known as a "Stick" packer.  Typically stick packs refers to long narrow packages that can be made for 1 - 10 at a time from a single web where the the machine slits the web prior to forming. Stick packs will also have a fin seal or alternatively an envelope seal on the side. But the fact is that a stick packer VFFS packaging machine need not necessarily produce only a narrow package, but can produce most any sized bags within the limits of the web width handling capabilities of the particular machine.  For instance a 10 lane stick packer could easily be a 4 lane stick packer, with more than double the width bags.  In reality the best name for a "stick packer" is a multi-lane Vertical, Form, Fill, and Seal Machine.

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Standup Pouch Filling and Sealing Equipment

Standup PouchStandup Pouches have increased in popularity over the past few years and while technically not a vertical form, fill, and seal application, since the bags come premade to the packager, there is an increasing need for machinery to fill, code and seal them. Busch Machinery carries standup pouch filling and sealing machines for filling all kinds of products ranging from liquids to powders, dried soups to wet soups, hot fills and cold fills and lots of options like complete washdown and oversized pouches.

Check out our Stand-Up Pouch Fillers and Sealers.

Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machines

All VFFS Machines have the following options for filling:

Piston Filler - Liquid Pump Filling - Auger Filler - Net Weight Filler - Volumetric Cup filler - Tablet Counter

VFFS - 3 or 4 Sided Seal or Fin Seal on Single Pack

PM-100 Series
Sachet Packaging 

3 or 4 Side Seals 

3 or 4 Side Seals

PM-100 with Auger Filler 
Discharge Conveyor Included
(This model only)
PM-240F 4 side Seal VFFS  PM-320F VFFS 4 side seal 
Sealing Types: Fin, 3 or 4 Sides
Filling Range(ml): 1-50
Bag length: 30-120
Bag width: 30-85
Speed(Bag/min): 30-60
Power: 220V,1ph  
Seal Types: Fin, 3 or 4 sides
Filling range: max. 200ml
Bag length: 60-150mm
Bag width: 40-120mm
Film width: 100-240mm
Power: 220V/1ph  
Seal Types: Fin, 3 or 4 sides
Filling range: max. 300ml
Bag length: 80-200mm
Bag width: 50-160mm
Film width: 120-320mm
Power: 220V/1ph   

   Video: Granules with Rotary Cup Filling 

   Video: Shampoo with Piston Filler

   Video: Sauce Filling with Piston Filler

   Video: PM-100 - Pepper

   Video: PM-100 4 side seal - 5 packs

PM-100 - Ketchup

PM-100 - Self-Prime Pump Fill

PM-100 - 3 side seal - zig zag cut

PM-100 - Multi -Small Parts Bagging

PM-100 - 4 side seal - Auger - Powder

Liquid Pump Filling

PM-320F - 3 Side Seal Sauce

Auger Fill - 4 sided seal

Piston Fill - 3 Side Seal

Twin Packs - 4 Side Seal Only

PM-240 F-2
Twin Packs 4 Sided Seal 

PM-320 F-2
Twin Packs 4 Sided Seal

PM-240-VFFS-Twinpack  PM-320F-2 Twin Packs 

Max. Measuring Range (ml): 50
Bag Length (mm) 60-150
Bag Width (mm) 20-60
Speed (Bag/min): 30-80
Power 220V/1ph 

Max. Measuring Range (ml): 100
Bag Length (mm) 80-200
Bag Width (mm) 30-80
Speed (Bag/min): 30-80
Power 220V/1ph  

  Video: Granular Twin Pack

  Video: Shampoo with Close Crop Option

  PM-320F2 Twin Pack-Reciprocating Pocket Filler

  PM-320F2 - Twin Sachet - Liquid

Vertical Form, Fill, and Seal Pillow Packs

Medium Sized Pillow Packs




Measuring range: max. 300ml
Bag length: 60-150mm
Bag width: 40-110mm
Film width: 100-240mm
Power: 220V/1ph, 2.4kw 
Measuring range: 500ml
Bag length: 80-200mm
Bag width: 50-150mm
Film width: 120-320mm
Power: 220V/1ph, 2.4kw 
Measuring range: max. 1000ml
Bag length: 80-300mm
Bag width: 80-200mm
Film width: 160-420mm
Power: 220V/1ph, 2.5kw 

Candy Pillow Pack

Pillow Pack Granules Pocket Fill

Gusseted Bag - Net Weight Filling Array

Pump Fill - Paste

Large Sized Pillow Packs

Large Size Pillow Pack VFFS




Measuring range: max. 2000ml
Bag length: 80-390mm
Bag width: 90-250mm
Film width: 200-520mm
Power: 220V/1ph, 2.8kw 
Measuring range: max. 3000ml
Bag length: 120-450mm
Bag width: 110-300mm
Film width: 240-620mm
Power: 220V/1ph, 3.2kw 
Measuring range: max. 4000ml
Bag length: 200-500mm
Bag width: 150-350mm
Film width: 320-720mm
Power: 220V/1ph, 3.5kw 

Auger Fill - Powder

Inclined for Large Croutons

14 Head Net Weight - Peanuts

Snack Chips

Net Weight Fill + metal detect + CW


Stick Packing Machines

Single Lane Stick Packers


PM-180 Servo Drive System

Sealing format: Fin seal or envelope seal
Bag length: 70 to 180 mm
Bag width: 16 to 80mm
capacity: 20-50 pcs/min.
Power: 220V/1ph, 1.5kw

PM-190 Inverter Drive System

Sealing format: Fin seal or envelope seal
Bag length: 70 to 200 mm
Bag width: 16 to 90mm
capacity: 20-50 pcs/min.
Power: 220V/1ph, 1.5kw

Multi-Lane Stick Packers



Sealing format: Fin seal or envelope seal
Bag length: 70-200 mm
Bag width: 16-50mm
capacity: 120-180 pcs/min.  


Sealing format: Fin seal or envelope seal
Bag length: 70-200 mm
Bag width: 16-35mm
capacity: 180-270 pcs/min.  


Sealing format: Fin seal or envelope seal
Bag length: 70-200 mm
Bag width: 16-25mm
capacity: 240-360 pcs/min.  

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Options for VFFS Machinery

Hole Punch

Hot Stamp Date/Expeiration Code

Easy Tear Notch

Discharge Conveyor

Check Weigher

Gusseted Bag (Large Pillow Pack Only)

Rotary Accumulation Table


Liquid Filling Options

Piston Filler (Check Valve Type)

Piston Filler (Rotary Valve Type

Liquid Pump Filler


Powder/Granule Filling Options

Volumetric Pocket Filler

Auger Filler

Net Weight Filler (1-10 Heads)

Floor Level Hopper/Screw Feeder

Tablet Counter

Z-style Bucket Conveyor for Floor Level
Filling (single or mult-fill) or parts loading


Discharge Conveyor


Rotary Accumulator

Rotary Accumulator


Z-style Bucket Conveyor

Z-style Bucket Conveyor


Auger Filler

Auger Filler


Check weigher

Check Weigher


Powder Feeding System

Powder Transfer Elevator


Pump Filler

Pump Filler


Multi-Scale Array

Multi-Scale Net Weight Filling System


Piston Filler

Piston Filler


Volumetric Pocket Filler

Pocket Filler


Four Head Net Weight Filler

4 Head Net Weight Filler


Metal Detector

Metal Detector


 WAF-1050 Large Bag Filler

(Premade Bags)

Dual Auger Fill

3-6 Bags/minute

10-50 KG (20-110 lbs.)

  Video - WAF-1050