EC-705 Automatic Uniform Case Sealer

This top drive plus side drive automatic case sealer is great for extra heavy loads or extra light tall loads. Automatic means that this uniform case sealer folds the major and minor flaps then tapes the top and bottom of the box.

  Case Handling Specifications:
         L:   6" minimum to 26" maximum*
         W:  7" minimum to 20" maximum
         H:   4" minimum to 20" maximum
   *These are dimensions of our standard stock machines.
     Custom sizes can be ordered. Please call for a quote.

Tape Heads:
2" width standard
          3" no charge if specified with order

  Throughput Speed:

            75 feet/minute drive belt speed

  Electrical/Air Requirements:
            110 VAC,  4 amp

Call: 800-840-9573

for more information


EC-705 Automatic Case Sealer - Uniform

EC-705 Automatic Case Sealers

  Video EC-705 Automatic Case Sealer