EC-706 Automatic Edge Sealer

This top drive and bottom drive automatic edge sealer for cases works in conjunction with the EC-705 automatic case sealer or the EC-702 semi-automatic case sealer.
First the case is sealed on the center line of the top and bottom of the case. Then the case is pushed off 90 degrees into the edge sealer where it completes the "H" seal top and bottom.  If you need a system that runs straight line we can place a 90 degree turntable and eliminate the shuttle.

  Case Handling Specifications:
         L:   11" minimum to 23.5" maximum*
         W:  9.8" minimum to 23.5" maximum
         H:   7.8" minimum to 23.6" maximum
   *These are dimensions of our standard stock machines.
     Custom sizes can be ordered. Please call for a quote.

Tape Heads:
2" width standard
          3" no charge if specified with order

  Throughput Speed:

            75 feet/minute drive belt speed

  Electrical/Air Requirements:
            220 VAC, 3 phase, 8 amp

Call: 800-840-9573

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EC-706 Automatic Edge Sealer - Uniform

EC-706 Automatic Case Edge Sealers
Video is for an oversized model

  Video EC-706 Automatic Case Sealers