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Labeling machines come in numerous configurations dependent on the type of packaging that needs to be labeled. Busch Machinery offers many choices such as top labeling, bottom labeling, wrap labeling, front and back labeling, print and apply labeling, and sleeve applicators in models ranging from benchtop semi-automatic labelers to high speed automatic labeling systems. Among the types of labelers we have available are pressure sensitive labelers, hot melt glue labeling machines, cold glue labelers and shrink sleeve labelers (also known as full body sleevers). No one else can offer you the number of selections of labeling machinery as Busch Machinery with its expertise in the labeling equipment field, in many cases allowing you to choose from several selections to match your budget and needs.


Types of Labeling Equipment

For ease of explanation we group labelers in several categories including: Semi-Automatic Labeling Machines, Label Applicators, Automatic Labeling Systems, Full Body Sleeve Labelers, and Print and Apply Labeling. All are listed by section below.  Please call if you have any questions: 800-840-9573 (USA),  520-777-3360 (Intl)


Semi-Automatic Labeling Machines

Semi-Automatic Wrap Labeling Machine
Semi-Automatic Wrap Labeler

Pressure Sensitive Wrap Labelers for Round Products and Bottles

Busch Machinery offers you choices for semi-automatic wrap labeling that no other company can.  From a basic hand crank model for light production needs to our very fast push through model for labeling up to 40 bottles per minute and products up to 12" diameter.  See all of our models of bottle labelers on our semi-automatic-labeler page


Semi-Automatic Hot Melt Glue labelers for round products, bottles, cans and pails.

Another type of wrap labeler is our Hot Melt glue series. Each wrap labeling machine features a unique skip gluing system that applies glue to the leading edge and trailing edge (also known as the lap end when the trailing edge wraps over the leading edge of the label). Hot Melt wrap labelers work only with sheet cut labels that are loaded into a magazine on the machine. 

Three versions of Hot Melt labelers are available: ADL-200 for standard bottles and other round products, ADL-201 designed especially for paint cans with ears where the label is registered so that the ear holes can clear the ears on the can, and the ADL-205 Pail labeling machine that features automatic registration of the label between the lugs. See them all here.

Tamp Labeler
Semi-Automatic Tamp Labeler


Tabletop Semiautomatic Tamp Labeling Machine - for labeling small boxes, flat products and ovals

Benchtop tamp labelers are built for labeling boxes, flat products (including layflat boxes), and rectangular or oval bottles. Die cut pressure sensitive labels are driven onto a vaccum plate and once in position the label is pressed onto the product that is held in a fixture or jig. If front and back labeling is desired, labels can be printed alternately on the same roll and product can be labeled on one side then flipped to accept the second label. Typical speeds are up to 20 per minute  for one sided labeling and 10 per minute for front and back labeling applications. Click here to see details of our tabletop tamp labelers.


Label Application Equipment - Labeling Heads that can added to lines or packaging systems

Label Applicators are stand-alone labeling heads for pressure sensitive labeling that can be mounted on an optional floor stand or integrated into other packaging systems or applications via the universal U-bracket mounting. Additionally various options for application are available such as blow-on modules, tamp applicators, smart tamp, or wipe-on which comes as standard. For higher accuracy requirements there is also an encoder option available.  A label applicator has many uses such as applying promotional stickers, box labeling, sheet labeling or any number of other applications. While a label applicator is lower priced than a labeling system, customers should understand that applicators are not meant to be a cheap way around labeling systems that have integrated control systems, product handling, and designs that offer much higher label placement accuracy. Instead customers should understand the limitations of a label applicator, while also realizing that an applicator properly integrated into other machines can also offer very high accuracy.  As with all machinery purchases, we recommend that you discuss your project with our sales engineers to make sure the system you purchase will satisfy your needs. See more details and options on the label applicator page.


Automatic Labeling Systems - Labeling Machines with integrated controls and product handling

Automatic labeling systems are a step beyond simple label applicators because the labeling heads can be integrated fully with the controls and product handling so that much higher label application accuracy can be acheived. In fact many of the systems we offer have fully integrated digital control systems which allows for even greater accuracy, easy setup, and fast changeover.

Examples of some standard labeling systems are: Vertical Wrap Labelers, Front and Back Labelers, Front-Back-Wrap machines, Horizontal Wrap Labeling Machines, Top and Bottom labelers, Top Labelers, and Bottom Labelers, all of which are for pressure sensitive labeling applications.


Vertical Wrap Around Labelers - Pressure sensitive labelers for round products

Vertical Wrap Labeler
Vertical Wrap Labeler

A vertical wrap labeling machine is designed to wrap labels around round bottles and other cylindrical products that are stable when standing vertically. Vertical wrap labeling systems are available in several formats depending on production requirements.  For instance a simple three roll wrap labeler is a great machine for speeds of 40 bottles per minute and under, or for front and back labeling when both labels are printed on the same roll.  Another type of vertical wrap labeling system is more of a continuous motion machine where bottles are spaced and labels are dispensed as the bottle meets up with the label dispense point and the bottle is captured between a pressure pad assembly and a belt that spins the bottle at the same rate of speed as the label dispense speed.  This type of labeler is driven by either a stepper motor or servo drive motor depending upon speed requirements. A third type of  wrap labeler is for speeds in the 150-275 bottle per minute range where the pressure pad is replaced with a powered roller system to trap the bottles and keep them square during the labeling process.


Top Labelers - Labeling for caps, tops, or many other products including boxes, magazines, lay flat cartons

Top labeling machine
Top Labeling Machine

Top labeling machines are among the most versatile of all labelers available with the ability to place stickers on the top of boxes, bottle caps, clam shells, bakery goods, magazines, lay flat boxes, flash chips or any number of other parts or products. These machines are very simple to use and have very good accuracy.


Bottom Labeling Machinery

Bottom labeling equipment works much like a top labeler except that the labeling head is mounted underneath a split belt conveyor. With great accuracy and ease of use bottom labelers can label the underside of a wide range of products.  If the product is too small to effectively bridge the split in the belt, a hugger belt system is used to carry the product accross the gap, or in some cases totally replaces the split belt conveyor. As with any machine purchase, customers are encouraged to call our sales engineers to make sure that the machine fits the application.


Top and Bottom Labeling Equipment - Labels the top and bottom of your product at the same time

If a product needs to be labeled on the top and bottom, top and bottom labelers can do both jobs on one very compact machine. Normally most products can be run on a split belt conveyor, but we do have the hugger belt options (see bottom labelers above) for smaller or unstable products. The great thing about top and bottom labelers is that both labels can be applied in a very compact amount of space on a wide variety of products.

Front and Back Labeler
Front and Back Labeling Machine


Front and Back Labeling Systems for Ovals and Rectangular Products

Front and Back Labeling machine apply labels to both sides of a bottle at the same time. A typical front and back labeler consists of several components including a spacer wheel, alignment system, top hold down belt (to stabilize the product), two labeling heads, and a powered roller to wipe down the label. Front and Back Labeling Machines of this type work on rectangular and oval shaped bottles, but can also be modified for three and four panel wrap applictions. There is even an option that allows a plug in wrap station to be inserted to add capability for wrap labeling of round bottles, commonly called a Front/Back/Wrap labeling machine.


Front and Back Labeler for Round Products

Standard front and back labelers like the one above have a hard time pressing the label down at the edges so another type of labeler is available that can wrap two identically sized labels onto a round bottle utilizing what is known as a three roll system.  Three roll systems are not blazingly fast, topping out at about 40 bottles per minute, but are relatively inexpensive and work well for many installations. Call Busch Machinery to find your best solutions.


Full Body Sleeve Labelers - Labels that are formed as a tube and shrunk on the bottle

Full Body Sleeve Applicator
Full Body Sleeve Applicator

Another type of labeling machine that has become very popular over the last decade are full body sleeve applicating machines that cut and apply labels that are made in a tube shape (both seamed and unseamed) and then laid flat in roll form. The labels are advanced by a drive that stops according to the registration marks that are printed on the film, cut with various types of knives, and then opened and placed over the bottle, then shrunk onto the bottle in a heat tunnel.  Machines speeds vary according to the model of machine from 30 - 600 bottles per minute. A big advantage of a full body sleeve applications is that the cost per sleeve is substantially lower than a pressure sensitive label of similar size plus there is no waste material which is yet another added bonus in our environmentally sensitive era. The disadvantage is that while printing technologies have made significant strides in recent years, the quality and printing options are not up to the level of pressure sensitive labels - yet.


Print and Apply Labeling Equipment - Prints Labels and/or Variable Data, then applies to your product

Print and Apply labelers are utilized in a number of different applications where pre-printed labels just are not worth the trouble of inventory or in situations where the data fields are constantly changing (such as serialized products).

Direct Print and Apply Labeling Head

These systems generally have the ability to print barcodes, graphics and text on what are called OEM print engines that are incorporated into the application system. At the present time most of these printers are only capable of printing in one color but can do so in 203 - 600 dpi resolution.  We often see customers use a base label that is preprinted with company logos, etc., and then print the variable data onto the label.

There are two types of print and apply labeling systems: direct print and apply and loose loop printing.  Direct print and apply means the label that is printed is the same label that is applied to the product. But direct print and apply has speed limitations that are based on the thermal transfer printer print speed and the size of the label (although most printers can now print up to 12"/second (203 dpi). Direct print and apply also is slower becauce the actual application time has to be deducted from every cycle.  Loose Loop print and apply systems on the other hand are much faster because the printer can run more or less continually without losing application time because the printed labels feed into a separate application labeling head that can run faster than the 12"/second print  speed, but has time in between applications that allow the printer to keep printing. Both types of print and apply labeling machines are availabe at Busch Machinery.  Give us a call to help you get the right system for your needs.




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Label Applicator

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Bottom Labeler with Hugger Belts

Bottom Labeler with Hugger Belts
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Three Roll Wrap Labeling System

Three Roll Wrap Labeler
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