ADL-310 Semi-Automatic Wrap Labeler

The ADL-310 semi-automatic labeler is the same as the ADL-300 labeler with one important difference. The ADL-310 is specially configured for speed. It is so close to automatic speed that we almost want to call this an automatic wrap label applicator. Speeds of up to 40 bottles per minute are possible. This is the choice for production runs of bottles ranging from 1 inch to 12" diameter utilizing pressure sensitive labels on rolls. No special sensors required for clear, gapped or butt cut labels.

Just push the next bottle through and the previous bottle ejects down a ramp on the back side. (Not recommended for glass products).

Comes with portable stand with casters.

Accepts rolls or labels on 3 inch cores up to 10 inch outside diameter:

Width:  3/4" - 8"
Length: 1" - 20"
    See a short video clip!

Several different versions are available:

Options Available:

Overhead Pressure Arm - for empty or light bottles
Orienter - for lugs or handles on containers
Hot Stamp Coder

ADL-310 Semi-Automatic Wrap Labeler

ADL-310 Semi-Automatic Wrap Labeler
ADL-310 Semi-Automatic Wrap Labeler

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