Ketan KGL320 Zero Down Time Servo Drive
Front and Back Labeler

This racehorse front and back labeler can run up to 300 bottles per minute, but unlike a race horse there is no finish line as the four servo drive labeling heads allow you to have zero down time while running continuously. Of course you can still order this speedster with the standard two head configuration, but if you need non-stop production then this Ketan labeler with four-head configuration is for you!

Standard Features:

  • Color touch screen with product memory

  • Low label sensors with three stage beacon

  • Full Stainless Steel cabinet with safety interlocks

  • Automatic applicator switching (KGL-320-4 only

Technical Data:

Item KGL-320 KGL-320-4
Label Width 1" - 6 1/4" 1" - 6 1/4"
Label Length 1/2" - 10" 1/2"- 10"
Product Width 1/2" - 6" 1/2" - 6"
Max. Dispense Speed 300 ft/min 300 ft/min
Conveyor length 133" 133"
Max. Roll Diameter 16 inch 16 inch
# of Servo Drive Heads 2 4


  • Dual Infeed Screws (1 set included)

  • 3 or 4 panel wrapping tools

  • Foam secondary wipe down rollers

  • Hot stamp or Inkjet coders

  • Clear Label sensors

  • Anti-static air knives for plastic labels

      Ketan KGL320 Zero Down Time Servo Drive
    Front and Back Labeler

KTN-KGL320 Front & Back Servo Drive Labeler

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