Ketan Starwheel Labeling Systems

Ketan Starwheel Labeling Systems can be set-up in a number of different ways to suit your needs. They are useful for difficult to handle products like oversized caps, or products that are not stable since the starwheel system traps the product between rollers to ensure perfect labeling. 

But starwheel labeling systems also have many other advantages.  For instance in the picture to the right we are labeling a round vial and printing via inkjet coder on the edge of the aluminum seal. In other words multiple operations can be performed where product needs to rotate, or as another example they need a top label in addition to the wrap label or to take it one step further they need to orient the labeled bottle before applying the top label.

Another way to utilize a starwheel labeling system is that instead of a standard labeling head, we can replace it with a thermal transfer printer for direct print and apply applications.  For instance pharmaceutical clinical trials often require serialized labels for tracking, plus the ability to save backup labels for record keeping purposes.  This is all easily done with a starwheel system.

To clarify the term "direct print and apply" we mean that the label that is printing is being applied to the particular bottle waiting for label.  This contrasts with "loose loop systems" where the label printing may be well removed from the bottle being labeled.

In any case the starwheel labeling system is very versatile and we can customize a system to your particular needs.

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      Ketan Starwheel Labeling System

Ketan Starwheel Labeling System

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