EC-902 Low Table Palletizer

Automatic Palletizer - Automatic Palletizing Machine

Automatic palletizers arrange boxes and bags in tiers on pallets. There are several types of palletizer equipment including low table, high table and robotic. In most applications each tier is loaded ninety degrees to the previous tier in order to better stabilize the load. But tier arrangement is programable by the operator so there are no limitations on how patterns can be made (though very intricate patterns could slow production rates).


To the right is the EC-920 low table automatic palletizer



  Video of a Wall mounted EC-920 Palletizer


                                                                                                             EC-920 Automatic Palletizing Machine 



Robotic Palletizing System for Large BagsRobotic Palletizer for Large Bags


Large and heavy bags are very difficult to palletize manually.  To the rescue is a robotic palletizer that can easily handle the work load.

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  Video of Robotic Bag Palletizing System



                                                                                                      VR-4100 Robotic Arm for Palletizing Heavy Products 


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