Induction Sealing Machine

Induction sealers for bottles heat the foil liner on your cap with an induction current that basically welds the liner to the top of the neck on your bottle.

Sizing an induction sealing machine is a function of time,  the size of the liner, and the wattage of the current.

Use the Chart above to determine induction sealer size

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Induction Sealing Machine

1kW Induction Sealer
with conveyor mounting bracket

2kW Induction Sealing Machine
with conveyor mounting bracket

1kW Induction Sealer with
over conveyor frame

2kw Induction Sealing Machine
with over conveyor frame

4kW Induction Sealer
on frame

Optional Conveyor mounted
to frame

1 kW Hand Held

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Sales Engineer to discuss
your induction sealing needs