Inkjet Coders

Ink jet coders are used for many various  coding and printing operations. There are two basic types of inkjet coders; Small character ink jet coders used for marking bottles with expiration dates and/or batch or lot numbers and Large character inkjet printers generally used to print product information on boxes.

There are now 300 dpi large character ink jet printers that can print barcodes directly on corrugated boxes with over 99.7% readability.

We offer a wide range of OEM Coding Solutions from continuous inkjet printers to thermal inkjet printers.

With a Wide-Range Option List for your 1D, 2D, Image, or Alpha-Numeric Characters of many sizes and combinations we are ready to handle your needs.

Materials and Substrates: Glass, Plastics, Metals, Cardboard, Wax Coated Surfaces, and more

We offer a full range of inkjet coders or printers starting as low as $1,200 all the way to our premium printers capable of 4 lines of small character printing.


Ink Jet Printers

Small Character Inkjet Coders

PXP-460 small character inkjet coder
Small Character Inkjet Coders

Large Character Ink Jet Printers

Large Character Ink Jet Printers

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