Large Character Inkjet Printers

Large Character Ink Jet Printers are generally used for printing (even barcodes) on corrugated or chipboard boxes, although there are many other applications involving inkjet printers.

We can now offer ink-jet printers that can print at 300 dpi.  As a result of this breakthrough and improved inks from HP we can now print barcodes on recycled corrugated boxes with 99.7% readability. No wonder so many companies are starting to move away from expensive thermal transfer labels to printing directly on their boxes with large character inkjet printers.

The most unbelievable thing about the 300 dpi large character ink jet printers is that text only units are under $1,000 and full barcode capability can be had for under $2,000.

Large Character Ink Jet

EV-1 Large Character
Inkjet Printer
Text and Graphics

EV-2 Large Character Ink Jet Printer
Barcodes, Text, Graphics

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