Bambino Tabletop Vial Monoblock System

The Bambino Tabletop Vial Monoblock System is a compact machine designed for small bottles and vials for filling and stoppering or capping. So compact that it can fit on a counter or tabletop, this monoblock system can still produce up to 50 bottles per minute production speeds.

Primarily for use in the pharmaceutical industry the Bambino monoblock system is also useful for cosmetic, chemical, diagnostic and nutraceutical applications.

Pharmaceutical Monoblock System for Vials:


  • Bottle Diameter: 10 - 40 mm

  • Bottle Height:  20 - 100 mm

  • Fill Capacity: 0.5 - 30 ml

  • Output: 15 - 50 bottles per minute

  • Dimensions: 53 L x 43 W x 31 H

  • (For more specs please see the PDF)

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Bambino Tabletop Monoblock Pharmaceutical Vial Packaging

Pharmaceutical Tabletop Vial Packaging Systems


  Video #1 Bambino Monoblock System

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  Bambino Monoblock PDF