CVC Pharmaceutical Packaging Line

CVC offers complete tablet and capsule packaging lines for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. The centerpiece for a great tablet or capsule packaging line is the tablet counter and CVC offers the very best available. In fact the CVC machine is built by Cremer, the leading experts in the world in tablet and capsule counting.  The system is so sophisticated it even detects broken tablets. This is how CVC can offer a 100% guarantee on accuracy of count.

We have the full capability of tablet and capsule packaging lines ranging from 60 - 200 bottles per minute from bottle unscrambler to complete end of line packaging systems.

These same pharmaceutical grade machines are also highly coveted in the nutraceutical field as many nutraceutical companies follow most of the same guidelines for packaging lines and regulations as the pharmaceutical industry is required to.

Busch Machinery can help you layout your lines exactly to fit your production and space requirements. Our experts work closely with the CVC team to make sure your order is delivered timely and with everything you need for a smooth startup.

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CVC-Pharmaceutical Packaging Line

CVC Pharmaceutical Packaging Lines

  Video Overview of CVC Pharmaceutical Packaging Lines

  Video of another CVC Pharmaceutical Packaging Line

Typical Components of CVC Pharmaceutical Packaging Lines

CVC-1265/1267 Bulk Bottle Unscrambler
CVC- 1103 Pouch Desiccant Inserter
CVC-1112 Barrel Desiccant Inserter
CVC-1220 Tablet/Capsule Counter
CVC-1117 Cotton Inserter
CVC- 1109 Paper/Plastic Inserter
CVC-1205 Automatic Capping Machine
CVC-302 Servo Drive Pharma Labeler
Induction Sealer
Neck Band Applicator & Shrink Tunnel
CVC-1208 Cap Retorquer (if induction sealed)
CVC-1600 Cartoner
More End of Line Packaging Available Call: 800-840-9573