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A pump filling machine offers flexibility for a wide range of product filling from liquids to shampoo consistencies with the ease of simply entering the amount you want in the container.  Since liquid bottle filling machines are positive displacement pumps, they are self priming and can draw product directly from the bulk source whether that be a tank, drum or other container. Pump liquid filling equipment is available from single head tabletop models, to 12 head inline automatic machines (see below).


PU-1000 Tabletop Semi-Automatic Pump Filling MachinePU-1000 Pump Filler

Construction features:
• 304 Stainless steel heavy duty stainless steel welded frame.
• All contact parts are stainless steel, sanitary, Teflon, viton and hoses per your requirements.
• Special seals or hoses by order.

Control panel features:
• Allen Bradley PLC for all machine logic functions, special modifications on programs available for special adaptations.
• Allen Bradley Frequency control drive for pump speed, acceleration and deceleration.
• Front panel function controls through Allen Bradley panel.
• Front panel Emergency STOP for easy access.

Main components features:
• Sanitary pump filler manufatured in 316L stainless steel, teflon or other sanitary materials. Toolless assembly.
• 1/2 Hp, 3phase, motor. 12 liter/min Standard, Option 24 L/min

Standard features:                                                    Gang up to 6 PU-1000 units into the PU-4000 for automation
• Nozzle positioning by swivel arm.
• Will work with plastic or glass containers.
• No change parts needed for various types of containers.            
• Air regulator included.

Electric and pneumatic requirements:
• 110 Volts, 60Hz, 5 Amps.• 2 CFM @ 80 p.s.i.


  Video of PU-1000
 Filling Honey
  Video of PU-4000
Using 2 PU-1000


PU-7000 Automatic Pump FillerPU-7000 Automatic Pump Filler

Up to 12 Pump and Head Capacity

Control panel features:
• Allen Bradley 6inch touch screen for machines functions.
• Allen Bradley PLC for all machine logic functions, special modifications on programs available for special adaptations.
• Three filling options on control panel (Up, Bottom Up and Down)
• Speed control of conveyor.
• Bottle counter.
• Front panel Start and Emergency STOP for easy access.
• Fiber optic sensors by Omron standard for container gating.
• No bottle no fill PLC controlled.
• CIP (Clean in place)
• Job memory for recipe calling to minimize changeover times.

Main components features:
• Hardened Stainless steel calibrated shafts with linear bearings for nozzle rack movement smoothness and durability.
• 8 inch stroke air cylinder with magnetic sensors for nozzle up and down movement.
• Hand wheel and shaft mounted stoppers for height and stroke adjustment.
• Hand wheel counter mounted on volume control threaded rod.
Standard features:
• Nozzle spacing fully adjustable through top or bottom screw.
• Container height adjustment from 1½ to 16 inches high.
• Nozzle stroke adjustments from 0 to 8 inches.
• Entry and exit bottle gating cylinders adjustable, sideways, up and down and inside and outside.
• Color coded flow control valve for filling speed.
• Will work with plastic or glass containers.
• No change parts needed for various types of containers.
• Air filter-regulator and safety lockout valve included.
• Spacing and additional bottle control obtained by flow controls mounted on air gating cylinders.

Electric and pneumatic requirements:
• 220 Volts, 60Hz, 10 to 20 Amps (Depending on pump quantities).
• 20 CFM @ 80 p.s.i.

  PU-7000 Automatic Pump Filler Video 

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316 SS Sanitary Pump Heads

12 liter/minute - Standard

24 liter/minute - Upgrade

Use up to 12 pumps on PU-7000

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