Siphon Filling Machine


Siphon Fillers are among the oldest and simplest designs.   A siphon filling machine consists of a tank with a float valve through which product can gravity feed from the supply container.  Attached to the tank are 5 gooseneck filling valves that dip into the tank over the tank wall and out in front of the tank.  Mounted to the tank framing is an adjustable platform for the bottles to ride on while filling.  The platform is adjusted so that the level of liquid in the tank is equal to the fill level desired in the bottle. Once a siphon is started with the siphon bulb included with the commercial bottle filler it is just a matter of replacing a filled bottle with an empty one.  No pumps, motors or air required to operate. Impossible to over fill as once the bottle is filled to tank level the flow stops.


Siphon Filler Specifications:



 Tank - 304 Stainless Steel (Optional 316SS)

Drip Pan - 304 SS (Optional 316SS)

Tank Float Valve Assembly 316SS

Float Ball - Polypropelene (316SS optional)

5 - Head Saddles

5 - Filling Spouts 316SS available in the following sizes:

         3/8" OD  (Pints)

         1/2" OD  (Fifths)

         5/8" OD  (Quartz)

         3/4" OD  (1/2 Gallons, Gallons)


1" Ball Valve inlet 316SS



Siphon Filler

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