Tablet Counters and Tablet Counting Equipment

While most products that are packaged can be weighed or filled volumetrically, the Pharmaceutical industry does everything related to tablets, capsules or soft-gels by count.  Not only are these products counted, but the counts must be accurate. To that end Busch Machinery offers two types of pharmacy automation systems: rotary tablet counters for tabletop, slower speed automatic counting and multi-channel capsule counters for higher speeds of automation while maintaining accuracy.

TC-4 Semi-Automatic Tabletop Tablet Counter

  • UNIQUE - our all-new design offers a combination of implicity, speed and accuracy that can’t be matched, all at a very affordable price.
  • SEMI-AUTOMATIC - fill-by-count for any solid oral dose product.
  • NO CHANGE PARTS - tablets, capsules, clear gel caps, no problem.
  • FAST - Count rates up to 2000 pills/min, easy cleanup without tools.
  • COMPACT - Light weight, small foot print, yet rugged and dependable.
  • EXPANDABLE - Add-on options: AS1 Blower to use our unique airguide system; smart bottle sensing; smart vibratory feeder; hopper.
  • INNOVATIVE - Computer controlled, custom photoelectric sensing unit, simple and clean glass-disc feeder, easy to operate, easy to understand, easy break down for cleaning without tools (see below).


The TC-4 shown on the right is a fully optioned machine

TC-4 Video With Options shown in picture above




TC-3 Automatic Tablet Counter Machine

  • INNOVATIVE & UNIQUE - our all-new design offers a combination  of simplicity, speed and accuracy that can’t be matched.
  • FULLY AUTOMATIC - fill-by-count for any solid oral dose product.
  • NO CHANGE PARTS - tablets, capsules, clear gel caps, no problem.
  • FAST - Count rates up to 2500 pills/min, fill rates up to 30 bottles/min.
  • COMPACT - use two machines side-by-side and double the output.
  • PRODUCTION READY - Heavy-duty design, fully computer controlled, custom photoelectric sensing unit, high-capacity hopper, smart vibratory feeder, simple and clean glass-disc feeder, unique air-guides for fast setup and jam-free flow, unique single-channel delivery, adjustable lift platform, smart bottle automation built-in, ready to roll up to any conveyor, easy to operate and understand.

Can gang up to 3 units on a line for up to 90 bottles/min.


TC-3 Automatic Tablet Counter Video
Plus Accessory Equipment

CVC-1220 Multi-Channel Tablet Counter

CVC-1220 Multi-lane Tablet Counter

  • 100% accuracy guaranteed
  • Fills standard and irregularly shaped tablets, capsules, caplets, trasparent soft gels
  • Count quantity can be set for 1 - 9,998 pieces
  • Heavy duty stainless steel design with polished welds to prevent dust buildup
  • 3-D detection system with automatic dust compensator and spike controller
  • All product contact materials are 316 stainless steel or PET
  • 50 setup program storage to save all product parameters
  • Easy Cleanup - only 8 minutes to completely dismantle and reassemble
  • Meets GMP regulations
  • Equipped with powered height adjustment
  • Dust Collection ports
  • Rejection System
  • Dust Collection Terminals
  • Conveyor - Production Speeds of up to 50 bottles/minute



Full Tablet Packaging Line

Busch Machinery can help you put your full tablet or capsule packaging line together - See Video Here


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CVC-1220 Multi-Channel Tablet Counter - Dual

CVC-1220 Dual Multi-Channel Tablet Counter
Doubles your speeds up to 100 bottles/min.


CVC-1220 Product Speed Chart - 1 Unit
(Click to Enlarge)


Video of CVC-1220
PDF file for CVC-1220