CVC-1208 Cap Retorquer

The CVC-1208 cap retorquer ensures that caps are tight after induction sealing.  The touch panel displays torque readouts and with the optional reject station will remove loose, crooked, missing caps, or missing foil bottles from the line.

The standard cap retorquer accepts cap sizes ranging 22 mm to 66 mm diameter or you can upgrade to a machine that accepts 22 mm to 120 mm.  Both cap retorquers accept bottle sizes up to 120 mm diameter.

The CVC-1208 cap retorquer meets cGMP standards and is designed to fit over existing conveyors (Optional conveyors are available).

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CVC-1208 Cap Retorquer

CVC-1208 Cap Retorquer


  Very brief video of CVC-1208 Cap Retorquer in action


PDF File: CVC-1208 Cap Retorquer