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Case Sealing Equipment: Uniform Case Sealers are used in production environments where a run of the same sized cases is made, then changed over for the next sized box. Random case sealing machines are used primarily in order picking operations where the size of the box changes with every order, requiring a case sealer that can automatically adjust to different sizes on demand. An automatic case sealing machine folds all of the top flaps prior to sealing whereas a semi-automatic case sealer requires the operator to close the flaps prior to insertion into case sealer. After sealing the center line of the box another type of machine called an edge sealer can be added to tape the four edges of the box to make what is known as an "H" seal.

The overwhelming majority of our case sealer sales use tape to seal the boxes.  However other options such as stapling or hot melt gluing are also available.


Video showing the difference between Uniform and Random case sealing equipment


Video showing the difference between Automatic and Semi-Automatic case sealing  


Uniform Case Sealing Machines

Case sealing machines are manufactured in a variety of configurations suitable for your needs.  Uniform case sealers are the most commonly used on production lines since each case is the same size as the previous case. This case sealing equipment changes over very easily from one size to another in a matter of a couple minutes and is available in automatic and semi-automatic versions.


Semi-Automatic Case Sealers


EC-701W Side Drive Case Sealer

EC-702 Side & Top Drive Case Sealer

EC-703 Top & Bottom Drive Case Sealer

EC-702SS Side & Top Stainless Steel Case Sealer


Automatic Case Sealing Machinery


EC-705 Side and Top Drive Automatic Case Sealer


Edge Sealing Machine


EC-706 Edge Sealer for Uniform Cases


Random Case Sealing Equipment


Random Case Sealers are ideal for order picking operations where the size of the case varies from case to case. These case sealers automatically adjust to the size of each case as it is presented. They are available in Semi-Automatic and Automatic versions.  Random case sealing equipment runs much slower and cost a lot more than Uniform case sealers because of the extra mechanisms that adjust the machine individually for each case.


EC-702A Semi-Automatic Random Case Sealer

EC-705A Automatic Random Case Sealer

EC-706A Random Edge Sealer for Cases
Used in Conjunction with Random Sealers above
to create a top and bottom "H" seal



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Customized Case Sealing Equipment


Many applications exist that are outside of the specifications of our standard case sealing machines.  Changes required could be as simple as requiring stapling or hot melt application. Others requiring larger or smaller box handling. You might also need higher speeds or ability to handle thicker double corrugate.

Busch Machinery can help you with your customized case sealing needs.  Just give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your application.


Random High Speed Sealing TV's


Random High Speed Case Sealing - TV's

Random Case Sealing of TV's at high speeds bottom hot melt. top taped.


Random Case Sealer - TV's


Top Taping of FOL Box


FOL Box Taper

FOL Box Top Sealing


FOL Box Top Sealing Video


EC-706 Oversized Edge Sealer


EC-706 Oversized



Oversized Edge Sealer for Cabinets


EC-705 Height Modified



EC-705 with Height Modification 


EC-705 Height Modified for Taller Box


Case Erectors

While most of our case sealers can do top and bottom sealing, it is common for many plants to have a case erector that opens and bottom seals the box prior to the case packing operations which can be either hand loaded or automatically packed. In those instances case sealers only perform the final top sealing.

Case erectors can be automatic or semi-automatic.

EC-812 Semi-Auto Case Erector
(Holds box in place for loading, then pushes box into sealer)

Click Here for more info on case erectors