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Cup Fillers

Cup fillers are an economical alternative for volumetric filling of free flowing products. The concept is actually quite simple if you imagine dipping your measuring cup into product and then leveling it with a straight edged knife. This is the basic principle behind a cup filling machine. The only difference is that the product flows from a hopper above and the knife is the edge of the hopper. For lower speed applications pocket fillers are often reciprocating devices.  But higher speed cup filling equipment utilizes rotary systems that can be scaled up to match almost any speed requirement.


Pocket Fillers do not have a wide range of filling capacities (less than 2:1) unless fitted with change part inserts.  Busch Machinery normally recommends cup fillers for the very narrow standard range.

Reciprocating Cup Filler

Reciprocating cup filling machines can be configured on a stand as shown on the left, as a tabletop model, or integrated into an automatic packaging line. Rates of up to 30 fills per minute are possible depending on the particular product.

Reciprocating Cup Filler Animation

Rotary Pocket Filler

Rotary Pocket Fillers are scalable to allow greater speeds for a variety of free flowing products. Cup fillers are among the simplest machines available and maintenance is greatly reduced.

Rotary Pocket Filler