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Label Applicators

We offer industrial label applicators with a wide range of speeds and sizes to meet your labeling application needs. All label application machines include a versatile controller, labeling head, U-Bracket for mounting, wipe down brush, and a proximity product sensor. You can choose standard web sizes ranging from 4 1/4″ to 6 1/4″ or have a head customized up to 9″. Additionally we offer 3 speeds of label applicators with speeds of 90, 144, and 300 (servo) feet/minute. Furthermore your industrial label applicator can be fitted with a wide array of options including tamp, tamp blow, blow-on, plus Smart-Tamp to meet almost any tamp label applicator demand. Other options for label application machines include clear label sensors, shaft encoders, T-base stand, Low label beacon, and Fiber Optic Product Detector.

K200 Label Applicator
KTN-0020 Label Applicator

Label Applicators

Model Mount Min label size Max Label Size Speed Label Supply Roll
KTN-OO1O U-Bracket 1/2’Wx 1/2″L 4.25″Wx18″L 90 feetAninute 12″
KTN-0020 U-Bracket 1Z2’Wx1/2″L 6.25″Wx18″L 90 feetAninute 12″
KTN-0030 U-Bracket WWxW’L 6.25″Wx18″L 144 feetAninute 16″
KTN-0040 U-Bracket WWxW’L 6.25″Wx18″L 300 feetAninute 16″
KTN-OOxx U-Bracket 1j2’Wx1Z2″L Custom Size to 9″ W x 18″L Determined by head size 16″
KTN-1O1O U-Bracket w/T-Base WWxW’L 4.25″Wx18″L 90 feetAninute 12″
KTN-1020 U-Bracket w/T-Base ItfWxWL 6.25″Wx18″L 90 feetAninute 12″
KTN-1030 U-Bracket w/T-Base 1/2’Wx1/2″L 6.25″Wx18″L 144 feetAninute 16″
KTN-1040 U-Bracket w/T-Base 1/2’Wx1/2″L 6.25″Wx18″L 300 feetAninute 16″
KTN-IOxx U-Bracket w/T-Base 1/2’Wx1/2″L Custom Size to 9″ W x 18″L Determined by head size 16″

All of the above Label Applicators include: Controller, proximity product sensor, and wipe down brush
(Label Applicators are available in Left handed versions by adding an L to the model #)

Label Applicator Modules

Standard Tamp

Label Applicator tamp option

For products that are a fixed distance from the Label Applicator

Smart Tamp

Label Applicator Option - Smart Tamp

For products that are a variable distance from the Label Applicator such as different height or width boxes

Tamp Blow

Label Applicator Option - Tamp-Blow

For products that are a fixed distance greater than 1inch away from label applicator and require a non-contact means to apply label (light, fragile, recessed products, or moving products when tamp is not applicable

Blow On

Label Applicator Option - Blow On

For products that are a fixed distance not greater than 1inch away from the applicator module and require a non-contact means to apply a label (light, fragile, recessed, curved (as in ovals), or higher speed continuous motion applications)

Part#Label SizeStrokePart#Label SizeStroke
Standard Tamp  Tamp Blow  
TM-2-222″ x 2″2″TBM-2-222″ x 2″2″
TM-2-444″ x 4″2″TBM-2-444″ x 4″2″
TM-2-464″ x 6″2″TBM-2-464″ x 6″2″
TM-6-222″ x 2″6″TBM-6-222″ x 2″6″
TM-6-444″ x 4″6″TBM-6-444″ x 4″6″
TM-6-464″ x 6″6″TBM-6-464″ x 6″6″
TM-12-222″ x 2″12″TBM-12-222″ x 2″12″
TM-12-444″ x 4″12″TBM-12-444″ x 4″12″
TM-12-464″ x 6″12″TBM-12-464″ x 6″12″
Smart Tamp  Blow Module  
STM-2-222″ x 2″2″BM-2-444″ x 4″2″
STM-2-444″ x 4″2″BM-2-464″ x 6″2″
STM-2-464″ x 6″2″   
STM-6-222″ x 2″6″   
STM-6-444″ x 4″6″   
STM-6-464″ x 6″6″   
STM-6-444″ x 4″6″   
STM-6-464″ x 6″6″   
STM-12-222″ x 2″12″   
STM-12-444″ x 4″12″   
STM-12-464″ x 6″12″   

Other Label Applicator Options

Label Applicator Option - Low Label Sensor

Low Label Sensor


Part NumberDescription
GSU06Clear Label Sensor
LLS-3LBLow Label Sensor with Beacon Warning Light
KG002002Fiber Optic Product Sensor (need more description)
SE2500Shaft Encoder to match label applicator head speed to the conveying device