CVC-200 Top Labeling Machine

The CVC-200 labeling machine is one of the most versatile machines in our line. This is a single-sided label applicator that works great on trays, boxes, bakery goods, CD's, and even flat panel bottles laid down on one side. With a small footprint (only 52" long) this labeling machine is a must have on almost any production floor!

The CVC-200 labeling machine comes standard with a 6" wide hi-tack belt, and includes all the accuracy and ease of set-up as all of our Self-Set models. Just thread the labels on, push a button, and put the product on the conveyor, and ten seconds later you are ready to go! All labeling parameters automatically set up to put the label on center of the product.

These single-sided label applicators are available in a number of configurations including side labeling, top and bottom, and numerous conveyor widths.

CVC-200 Top Labeling Machines

Model Type LabelWeb
CVC-200B Top 1/2"-4 3/4" 1/2"-12" to 7" Stock
CVC-200C Top 1/2"-6" 1/2"-12" 7" 6-8 weeks
CVC-200B10 Top 1/2"-4 3/4" 1/2"-12" 11" 6-8 weeks
CVC-200B12 Top 1/2"-4 3/4" 1/2"-12" 13" 6-8 weeks
CVC-200BB Bottom 1/2"-4 3/4" 1/2"-12" 7" 6-8 weeks
CVC-200BB10 Bottom 1/2"-4 3/4" 1/2"-12" 11" 6-8 weeks
CVC-220B Top-Bottom 1/2"-4 3/4" 1/2"-12" 7" varies - call
CVC-220B10 Top-Bottom 1/2"-4 3/4" 1/2"-12" 11" 6-8 weeks
CVC-220C10 Top-Bottom 1/2"-6" 1/2"-12" 11" 6-8 weeks
CVC-220D10 Top-Bottom 1/2"-7" 1/2"-12" 11" 6-8 weeks

CVC-200 Top Labeling Machine
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CVC-100 Top Labeling Machine (foreground)

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