CVC-310 Gallon Wrap Labeler

The CVC-310 Gallon Wrap Labeler not only has a longer wrap belt assembly than the CVC-300 but also has a vacuum belt to hold the label straight during application. It is very common for longer labels to drop during application due to the distance the bottle has traveled before the end of label has fed out. The vacuum belt solves this issue. Designed for round products and ease of use, featuring our advanced Self-Set fully integrated digital control system, stainless steel construction, and unbeatable pricing, the CVC-310 Gallon Wrap label applicator is the best value on the market today!

The CVC-310 labeler is easy to use!

Thread up the roll of labels, adjust your outer rails and pressure pad, press a button, put a bottle on the conveyor, and Voila, Self-Set does the rest! Self-Set automatically does a label sensor calibration, measures the bottle diameter, measures the label length, calculates the label stop position, and measures the distance from product detection to optimal label application point all in a matter of about 10 seconds! It has never been easier! Change speeds at will with no affect on labeling accuracy. Save up to 50 jobs to memory!

There are many configurations available with some versions of this label applicator in stock for immediate delivery.


CVC-310 Gallon Wrap Labeler
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Vertical Wrap Labeler Models

Model Product
Label Web
CVC-310C 1/2"-6" 1/2"-6" 1/2"-21" 6" varies - call
CVC-310D 1/2"-6" 1/2"-7" 1/2"-21" 6" varies - call
CVC-310-E 1/2"-6" 1/2"-8 1*2" 1/2"-21" 6" 6-8 weeks

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Standard Features:
  • Self-Set fully integrated digital controls
  • Separator Wheel
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 6 1/2 foot conveyor length
  • Incrementing and Decrementing Counters

Available Options:

  • C-60 Hot Stamp Printer
  • Clear Label Sensor
  • Taper Adjustment
  • Product Transfer Plates
  • Soft Pad Belt (recommended for most products)
  • Separator Screw Assembly
  • Conveyor Extensions
  • Rotary Feed and Accumulation Tables