CVC-352 Servo Drive Horizontal Labeling Machine

The CVC-352 Servo Drive labeler takes automatic labeling machines to a higher level than ever before!  Designed for unwieldy round products such as lipsticks, test tubes, ampoules, pipe or many other products that cannot be labeled on an automatic labeling machine vertically. Dual infeed tray loaders are available as well as end of line collection. This horizontal wrap labeling machine includes the famous Self-Set fully integrated digital control system that makes setup easy while maintaining labeling accuracy throughout the production run. Speeds of up to 400 units per minute are possible on this automatic labeling machine!

Technical Data:

Item CVC-352
Label Width 3/8" - 4 3/4"
Label Length 1/2"- 6"
Product Diameter 3/8"-2"
Product Length 5/8" - 5"

C-70 Hot Stamp Printer
Clear Label Sensor
Automatic Feeder/Hopper
Loading Trays
Various Discharge options

CVC-352 Servo Drive Horizontal Wrap Labeler



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