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Pallet Stretch Wrappers are available in many configurations including low profile pallet wrappers, high profile stretch wrappers, overhead swing arm pallet wrapping machines, and a variety of pallet wrapping tools. But stretch wrappers are also available for many other tasks such as bundling products such as motors to pallets, tire wrapping, door and window wrapping, cabinets and many other applications.

Busch Machinery offers a full line of pallet wrappers to suit your needs from hand tools for manual wrapping to completely automatic systems that index pallets into the stretch wrapping station, wraps the pallet and indexes it out without the need for human intervention.

The most important feature the buyer should look for in a pallet wrapper is the amount of pre-stretch the stretch wrapper can impart on the film. A typical hand wrap will yield only about 20% stretch of the film, whereas our top models can pre-stretch the film 250% or more. Considering that during the life of a machine film will cost more than 10 times the cost of the machine itself, considerable savings can be had in addition to the cost savings of labor.  Furthermore film that has been stretched to the maximum secure loads better at the same time you are saving money.


Types of Stretch Wrapping Machines:


Low Profile Pallet Wrappers

Low profile pallet wrapping machines are best suited for dry areas where the primary means of loading is with a pallet jack. These machines typically sit directly on the workspace floor and have a very low profile turntable, typically less that 4 inches off the floor. With a ramp option it is very easy to load the turntable with a pallet jack. Low profile stretch wrapping equipment can be moved easily to different areas by forklift, but can only be lifted from the contol end.


High Profile Pallet WrapperHigh Profile Stretch Wrappers

High profile pallet wrappers are best suited for forklift operations because the forklift operator can more easily view the loading area. However because the turntable sits higher 8-10 inches of is lost for wrapping height. However that can be mitigated with a carriage height extension option if needed.


Overhead Swing Arm Pallet Wrapping MachineOverhead Swing Arm Pallet Wrapping Machines

Over head swing arm pallet wrappers are ideally suited for wash down environments since they can often be mounted on walls and there is no need for a turntable or frame to sit on the floor in a wet environment. However due to the swing diameter, barriers must be installed to protect employees from inadvertantly wandering into the wrapping area during operation.


Orbital Stretch WrapperOrbital Stretch Wrappers

Orbital pallet wrapping machines are primarily used for bundling operations for products like motors to a small base or for long products that need to be bundled together such as shelves or aluminum extrusions. (See the Revolver series further down on this page).



Predator Series of Pallet Wrapping Machines

Built in the USA!

3 Year Parts Warranty


Predator Pallet Wrappers

Maximum Film Width for Predator Series is 20 inches


Predator Options:

High Profile Turntable (Predator SS and XS only- lose 10" wrap height)

110 inch Wrap Height (10" less for High Profile)

5,000 lb., 70" Diameter Turntable

Electric Top Hold Down Platen

Remote Start/Stop (XS only)

Scale Ramp (only if scale is installed)

Built in Air Compressor (Platinum only for auto film cut - only if shop air not available)


Synergy Series of Pallet Wrappers

Built in the USA!

3 Year Parts Warranty


Synergy Series of Pallet Wrappers

LP= Low Profile   HP=High Profile

High Profile Height Capacity is 8 inches less than listed above

Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC Standard on Synergy 1.5 and above


Synergy Series Options:

Height Extensions to 120 inches (8" less for High Profile)

Larger Diameter Table and Weight Capacities

Frame Extensions for larger tables

Automatic Film Cutting and Attaching (2.0 and above)

Cold Room or Freezer Options

Dark Load Sensors

30" wide film option

Electrical Top Platen for Light or Unstable Loads

UL Approval

Top Sheet Dispenser

Gravity and Powered Roller Options for Turntable, Infeed, and Exit

Stretch Netting Option

Many More!  Call for your specific application


All Pallet Wrapper Pricing on this page is subject to change without Notice
Please read the PDF files for full specifications and options

Synergy 5 Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapper System

Synergy 5
Pallet Wrapping
Synergy 5 Automatic Pallet Wrapper


Freedom Automatic Pallet Wrapper System

Pallet Wrapping


Freedom Rotary Arm Pallet Wrapper

Freedom Rotary Arm

Freedom Rotary Arm Pallet Wrapper


Specialty Pallet Wrappers

Door Pallet Wrapper

Door Pallet Wrapper Door Pallet Wrapper Window Wrapper Window-Wrapper
Tire Wrapper Tire wrapping machine
Cabinet Pallet Wrapper

With Foam and Stretch Wrap

Foam and Stretch Wrap on Cabiner
Revolver Series

For Long Product


Rotary wrapper for long products
Revolver Fully



Rotary Bander
Combo Revolver

And S3 Automatic

Large Roll


Freedom Roll Wrapper

Many more Stetch Wrapper Choices

There are many more Pallet Wrapper choices available
Please call us for all of the options for Pallet Wrappers



New!  Robotic Pallet Wrapper

Now you can take your pallet wrapper to the load instead of taking the load to the pallet wrapper.  Easily portable, this pallet wrapping machine matches the contour of your load via a contact wheel to the pallet.

Robotic Pallet Wrapping Machine

Fantom Robotic Pallet Wrapper



Pallet Wrapping Tools and Accesories


Fantom Handheld Wrapping Tools


Handheld Wrapping Tool

Fantom Handheld Wrapping Tools



Fantom Full Web Applicator


Full Web Applicator

Full Web Applicator



Band-It Wrapping Tool


Wrapping Tool for small jobs




Wrapping Tool For Small Jobs


Band-It Bench Stand


Band-It Stand

Band-It Stand



Eliminator Swing Arm Bundler


Eliminator Benchtop Swing Arm Bundler

Benchtop Stand with Swing Arm




Fantom Spiral Wrapper


Fantom Spiral

Counter-Weighted for ease of spiral wrapping without the fatigue of hand wrapping loads.




Turntables for Pallet Wrapping

These Turntables can be used with any of the Fantom tools above including the Handheld Tools.


Turntables for Pallet Wrapping

Click on Image for larger Picture




Videos for LP and HP versions using Handwrapping tools from above


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