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Print and Apply Labeling Machines

Print and apply labeling systems are machines that incorporate a thermal transfer print engine to print labels with barcodes and other variable data on a system that applies the label to the product such as; bottles, boxes, bags, or even full pallets. Thermal Transfer printers are also available to imprint RFID information. Print and apply label machines come in two types; Direct print and apply or Loose Loop print and apply.

Direct Print Apply Labeling Machines

Direct print and apply labeling systems apply the label that has just printed directly to the product.  This is useful if this label has to go on only this product such as for serial numbers, in pharmaceutical trials, or a just weighed product. Direct print and apply label machines are also useful if the production speed requirements are not very high such as on slow moving cartons, pallets or low speed bottling.

KPA-400 Label Applicator with Tamp-Blow option

Loose Loop Print and Apply Labelers

Loose loop print and apply labeling systems are used for higher speed applications when direct print and apply label applicators don’t have the print speed capacity to keep up with line speeds and the label information does not change for the batch being labeled. Print engines typically print at 12 inches/second (203 dpi) or 8 inches/second (300 dpi). So if we were labeling a bottle at 50 bottles per minute with a 12″ label we simply could not keep up with direct print and apply label machines. (There is a delay when printing single labels at a time). But with loose loop print and apply labeling machines we can print continuously by printing on demand while the label applicator with its higher speed capacities keeps up with line speeds.

We have the expertise to help you select the right print and apply system for your application.