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Sleeve wrapping machines are distinguishable from other types of shrink bundlers in that the two ends of the package have an opening (often called “bulls eyes”) such as commonly seen for water bottle packaging where the openings can act a handles.  In point of fact a sleeve wrapper is an excellent solution for bundling a wide variety of products and is often called a “bundler”.

Our Sleeve Wrappers are available in a wide range of size capabilities and configurations from manual feed to fully automatic with collating. Speeds generally decrease between trayed (or cased) product and untrayed product.

Sleeve Wrapper Models and Size Capabilities

ModelMaximum Seal
W x H (mm)
W x H (inches)
APW-6030 600 x 300
23.5 x 11.8
APW-6040 600 x 400
23.5 x 15.8
APW-8040 800 x 400
31.5 x 15.8 
APW-10040 1000 x 400
39.4 x 15.8 
APW-12540 1250 x 400
49.2 x 15.8 
APW-15040 1500 x 400
59.0 x 15.8 

Manual Load Sleeve Wrapper

Manual Push Through Sleeve Wrapping Machine 

Sleeve Wrapper Options

5.7″ Color Touch Screen

Festo Pneumatics

Sealing Height Increase (50mm increments)

Different Configurations (See Below)

Sleeve Wrapping Equipment Configuration and Capacity

Various Configurations of Sleeve Wrappers are available for manual or automatic operation


M = Manual Load as in picture above (Comes with loading guide as pictured) – 8/minute trayed or untrayed

D = Automatic direct inline feed of trayed or cartoned production only – 20/minute trayed only (below left)

A = Automatic 90 degree infeed conveyor for trayed or cartoned product only – 12/minute (similar to below right)

AC = Automatic 90 degree infeed for unsupported (no tray) products with collating -10/minute (below right)

APW-6040D Sleeve Wrapper
APW-6040D Sleeve Wrapper

APW-6040AC Sleeve Wrapping Machine

Sleeve Wrapper Heat Tunnels

Our Sleeve Wrapping Equipment can be paired with performance matched Heat Tunnels for quality shrinking of all your shrinkable film needs.


Manual Feed Shrink Wrapper with Tunnel

APW-6040D with APT-6040PEI Tunnel